About us

The Working Platform company has as main activity object the rental of the working platforms at height on the north and northwest area of ​​the country.

Due to the experience of more than 10 years in this field of the majority of the employees of our company, the Working Platform is, at present, probably the main supplier of scissor lifts in the areas of Transilvania, Crisana and Banat.

The high level of performance reached at the present Working Platform is also the consequence of the collaboration that our team members have with the Unique Importer in Romania of the Haulotte equipment, CDP Access.

Why were I chosen by clients?


Builders have been around since the man decided not to live in the cave and to create his own home.
Since the first human settlement discovered by archaeologists, in the last 195,000 years, this craft has done nothing but perfect its method. Our modernity is defined by the efficiency, quality and appearance of its buildings.

Throughout history to this day, building has become an instinct. Whether it is a house or an industrial hall, the pleasure of doing something with your hands and the satisfaction that this brings you is, if not unmatched, certainly impossible to deny.

Platforms are the natural result of evolution, one of the means by which people can make their art better, faster and of course more efficient. 

In the year 2000, in Romania, the potential of the platforms was just beginning to be discovered. By the time they were introduced to the Romanian market, people were making much slower progress when the project was ambitious.
Nowadays, the platforms are essential for any large project, whether it is industrial halls, logistics centers or malls.

Being still a developing country, the competition is stronger than it has ever been, and the difference is not only made by the quality of the products and the professionalism of the services offered, especially the confidence based on the friendship between the manufacturer and its suppliers.
Hard work has never been a hindrance to builders.

This motivates us daily to rise to the level of expectations of our clients so that they can rely on us at all times.


Exceptional quality of the services provided to our clients, both on rent and on service.

Rapid processing of orders received and prompt delivery of equipment.


Flexibility in the negotiation of each contract, so that it is advantageous for both parties.


Initiative in the consulting phase, to find with the client the optimal solution for each project.


Permanent involvement in supporting clients throughout the duration of their projects.



These five attributes, which we add every time to the package of services offered to our clients, make us always stay, for them - FIRST OPTION ... every time they need to rent a platform.

Haulotte HA 16 X diesel articulating boom used

For sell used diesel articulating boom Haulotte 16 X for a good price, verified in service. Power source 31.2 Kw Year of fabrication 2009 Working hours 2189 hours Working height 15...


Haulotte HA 25 TPX Nr. 114 diesel articulating boom used

For sell used diesel articulating boom Haulotte 16 X for a good price, verified in service. Power source 23 CP - 32 Kw Year of fabrication 2008 Working hours 6129 Working height 25...


Compact 15 SX Nr.03 diesel scissor lift used

For sell used diesel scissor lift Haulotte Compact 15 SX for a good price, verified in service. Available. Great Price! Electric Drive 23.1 Kw - 31.4 hp Year of Fabrication 2008 Op...